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monetization_on Scholarships

Most UNC undergraduate scholarships required students to have a minimum 3.0 GPA. For additional information on UNC scholarships log into your Ursa account, select the financial tab to access UNC’s Universal Scholarship Application (open December- March 1st deadline). We recommend you also review the UNC Scholarship Policies

To search for other scholarship opportunities within UNC, visit UNC Scholarship Opportunties. By earning scholarships you can reduce the cost of your college expenses and minimize the amount of student loans. Two UNC internal scholarships worth applying to are Reisher Scholars Program and Stryker *must identify as a woman (Eligibility Requirements).

Schedule an appointment with either Cynthia Mitchell or Dr. B Saenz to review your scholarship essays to increase your chances of getting your application reviewed by the scholarship committee. 

We recommend reading through some useful tips when applying for scholarships.

There are various scholarship sources available, feel free to make an appointment with Dr. B. Saenz to help you start your search. Students awarded scholarships save thousands of dollars in their academic expensese, it is well worth the time spent in searching and applying to scholarships!