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CHE offers students additional resources such as the use of various software installed in the computers in the CHE computer lab and peer student job opportunities, as well as individualized personal counseling. Additionally, within CHE there are many opportunities for CHE students to get involved such as volunteering to be a peer mentor to our first year students. We also provide events in which you are encouraged to participate.

As a CHE participant, we hope that you will stay active by taking advantage of our available services, event activities, and other resources CHE has to offer. If you need a place to study then feel free to use the CHE student lounge and/or the CHE computer lab. CHE participants are always welcome to drop by and get to know other CHE members and staff. This also provides the CHE staff the opportunity to get to know you better. The CHE lounge, the tables around CHE, and the computer lab are great spaces for studying, or relaxing in between classes. 

To quote our CHE participants, "CHE is a home away from home."