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Peer Advisors

Our Peer Advisors (CHE upper class students) are responsible for providing personal and practical academic support services to their assigned first-year and sophomore  CHE/SSS program participants. The Peer Advisors play a significant role in assisting first years and sophomores with their academic planning, financial aid, scholarship information, registration, transitioning to campus life, and accessing appropriate campus resources.

As a first year CHE participant, you are required to meet with your assigned Peer Advisor six or more times per semester and attend 2- 4 workshops per semester. Our goal is to establish a life-long relationship with our CHE students within their first year.

Through the duration of their graduation, as sophomore students, you will be require to schedule to meet with your assigned Peer Advisor three or more times each semester .

The CHE Peer Advisors also serve as student advocates; they are significant contact persons who contribute to a caring and supportive campus climate to our CHE participants.

For any questions regarding the Peer Advisor, contact Flora Powells at 970-351-2393.