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Scholarships are awarded based upon specific criteria i.e. merit or talent and do not need to be paid back. Generally, scholarships are not awarded based upon financial need. UNC offers a variety of scholarships to help pay for the cost of education. 

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How to apply for UNC foundation scholarships.

UNC Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded in three different ways at UNC:


Admissions Application

Your application for admission to UNC, along with relevant transcripts and test scores, are used to determine your eligibility for an admissions based scholarship. For a complete list of UNC admissions based scholarships, visit the UNC Admission Based Scholarship Web page.

Please Note: All UNC admission based scholarships, including but not limited to the UNC Provost, Presidential & Trustee awards, are considered by UNC to be the university’s match for the Yellow Ribbon Program. Please contact the Office of Financial aid about other scholarship applicability. 


UNC Scholarship Application

This application allows you to apply for scholarships available through the UNC Foundation. The application is available through Ursa on the “Financial Aid” tab. You must have a Bear number in order to apply.

      • November 1 - UNC Scholarship Application Opens
      • March 15 2024 - Deadline for New Freshmen and Continuing students
      • June 1- Deadline for International students, new Transfer and Graduate students 


Talent Auditions

These scholarships are awarded at Department discretion. If you have questions, please contact the Department directly.

      • Art and Design: (970) 351-2143
      • Theatre: (970) 351-1921
      • Music: (970) 351-2993
      • Athletics: (970) 351-2534

Private/External Scholarships

These scholarships are awards given by an outside agency to a student to pay for educational expenses. The following policies pertain to private scholarships:

  • Checks should be made payable to the University of Northern Colorado for the benefit of the student. Checks can be mailed to:

    University of Northern Colorado
    Cashier's Office 
    Campus Box 14
    Greeley, CO 80639

  • Checks should be received in the Cashier's Office by August 1 for Fall semester and by January 1 for Spring semester.
  • Students must be enrolled as required by the donor.
  • All scholarship checks received for more then $999.00 in the UNC Office of Financial Aid will be scheduled to pay in two equal disbursements (one for Fall and one for Spring semester), unless otherwise noted in writing by the donor.
  • Unused scholarship funds are returned to the donor when students are not enrolled or transfer to another school.
  • All funds awarded to students as scholarships, grants, awards, stipends, and student loans are paid through the Office of Financial Aid. All funds paid to students in exchange for work performed at the University are paid through the Payroll Office.
  • If you receive a scholarship from an outside source, please contact us at (970) 351-4UNC (4862) or via email at ofa@unco.edu. Your financial aid offer may need to be adjusted.  .

Questions? Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at ofa.scholarships@unco.edu or (970) 351-4862.