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As a UNC student, you now have access to iGrad, a free financial resource designed to help you make effective personal finance decisions. This personal finance program will help you reach your financial goals one-step at a time.

To better prepare you for the financial challenges you will face in college and beyond, take advantage of iGrad’s library of financial resources that include articles, videos, modules and more. Managing your money is one of the most important life skills you can ever learn!

iGrad includes:

  • Short course modules that teach you the fundamentals of money management. 
  • Course modules take about 30 minutes each and may be completed in any order.
  • Articles regarding financial wellness and video webinars with financial wellness experts.
  • Financial simulators such as mortgage, auto, and student loan calculators.
  • Budget and expense tracking tools.

How can you access iGrad?

  • Select UNC iGrad (you will be link to an external website):
    • To create an account select the Sign Up button
    • Next, select the Student Login, use your UNC username and password to create your account. If you have this information saved in your browser, it will automatically log you in.
    • First start by completing the Financial Wellness Checkup, this lets iGrad know what modules to recommend to you, although at any time you may access all of iGrad’s financial resources.
    • Complete the Money Personality Quiz designed to help you learn more about your money habits and attitudes.
    • Take advantage of the various financial resources such as articles and videos to help improve your financial awareness and skills set.

If at any time you have questions regarding the iGrad module topics contact Dr. B. Saenz, CHE Financial Literacy Coordinator, at 970.351.2996 or email at berlinda.saenz@unco.edu. Dr. Saenz will be assessing students’ knowledge on their completed iGrad course modules.