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Program Overview

The Center for Human Enrichment (CHE) intentionally selects program services that demonstrate success in enhancing student success and retention. Please explore our website to learn more about CHE and the services we offer. The following are services incorporated into the CHE academic experience:

CHE's Learning Community

All CHE new participants attend the summer bridge Connections program that provides them the opportunity to connect with the CHE staff and their cohort of peers. Students participate in educational workshops intended to aid their academic success during the first-year of college, connect with campus partners and departments, and connect with the campus community prior to the start of their fall semester. First-year CHE participants take cohort courses during their first-year in the CHE program. Learn more about CHE's Learning Community.

Academic Advising

Academic advising services are the cornerstone of the CHE participant experience. Professional Academic Advisors and Peer Advisors meet with CHE students throughout their entire academic career at UNC, providing individualized academic, personal and career support. Learn more about the CHE's Advising component.

Learning Support

UNC's Tutorial Services and Writing Center provide our CHE participants the academic assistance they need to successfully thrive in a university learning environment.


An integrated computer lab contains all the technology tools that CHE students may utilize to be successful in an age of ever changing technology. CHE participants are welcome to use the CHE computer lab during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. The CHE student employees are also available to help students and lab patrons navigate and assist with any technology related questions.

Financial Literacy Resources and Programming

The CHE Academic Advisors support students through the financial aid process. CHE is fortunate to have a dedicated Financial Aid liaison who is available to meet with CHE students during New Student Orientation and throughout the academic year. CHE’s goal is to help students develop the financial and economic literacy skills necessary to be successful college participants who are prepared to manage their financial resources upon graduation.

Individualized Personal Counseling

In partnership with the UNC Counseling Center, free on-site individualized personal counseling is available for all CHE participants who choose to seek out this service. Individualized personal counseling provides students with a helpful environment to explore personal and family issues that can often derail students from a successful college experience.