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Enrichment Workshop Series

The aim of the CHE Enrichment Workshop Series is to provide CHE participants with opportunities to gain additional academic, professional and personals skills. Each workshop session is designed to provide additional support to our student’s' college experience. Ask your assigned CHE peer advisor or academic adivisor about the number of workshops you are required to attend per semester.

notifications Notifications on upcoming workshops are posted on the CHE Monday Musings, sent via the student’s Bearmail account. Students may sign up for their choice of workshop session through the Signup Genius that includes session information (date, time, location). We encourage students to read the Monday Musings for additional information on upcoming CHE and UNC campus events, useful resources, scholarships, job and internship opportunities, and much more.

Workshop Series Topics

  • Academic Success Series

    This session covers building the tools to reach your academic goals such as:
    a.       Effective Note Taking Skills
    b.      Time Management
    c.       Campus Resources
    d.      Exam Preparation/Test Anxiety

  • FAFSA Completion

    Receive assistance from CHE and Financial Aid staff to complete your FAFSA.

  • Financial Literacy

    Learn how to interpret financial aid awards and about budgeting skills to make good financial decisions.

  • Graduate School 101

    Learn about graduate school, the application process, how to search and apply for graduate programs and much more.

  • Helathy Relationships

    Learn how to spot signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships and ways you can improve your personal relationships.

  • Internships/Volunteering

    Learn about resources and tips for how to apply for internships and volunteer opportunities to gain valuable experience while enhancing your resume.

  • Interviewing Skills / Networking
     Learn and practice strategies to connect with potential employers to make yourself stand out.
  • Scholarship Search Strategies
    Find out about scholarship resources and tips for successfully applying for them.
  • Stress Management
    Learn and practice hands-on strategies to de-stress your life. Learn how to manage your stress and anxiety.
  • Studying Abroad 101
    Find out what study abroad is all about. Learn about the benefits of study abroad, the resources available to help fund your international trip, and the application process.
  • Understanding Learning Styles
    Find out why you do better in some classes than others. Did you know there are three primary learning styles: visual, auditory, and tactile. Your learning style effects the way you comprehend information and solve problems. Discover the way you learn best and explore study strategies that use your preferred style.
  • Well-Being & Healthy Lifestyle
    Learn about resources and strategies to enhance your overall health and well-being. Are you aware that a lack of sleep or missing meals can impact your academics? Find out why it is important to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle.