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Award for Excellence in Social Science Engaged Research

The Award for Excellence in Social Science Engaged Research, launched in 2012, is the result of a generous endowment from Robert Brunswig, Rebecca Brunswig and Ken Coleman. An award of $1,000 is offered each year to a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary scholarship in engaged research and civic engagement.

Eligible individuals include faculty members in or associated with social science disciplines who are contract‐renewable or tenure track lecturers, instructors or assistant professors. Faculty with M.A. and/or Ph.D. degrees who are working in one of the following departments, schools, or academic programs are considered: Anthropology; Africana Studies; Economics; Gender Studies; Geography, GIS & Sustainability; Human Service (programs in Community Health; Gerontology; Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality; and Rehabilitative Services); Mexican American Studies; Nursing; Political Science & International Affairs; Sociology; and World Languages & Cultures.

For the purpose of the award, civic engagement is defined as research and scholarly activity projects and programs involving mutually beneficial, reciprocity-based collaborations of University of Northern Colorado faculty, students or staff from within or across disciplines in departments or colleges with external groups, organizations, governmental agencies, or individuals in applied or fundamental research programs. Civic engagement activities may involve local community (a town, community interest service or non-profit organizations, or local government and schools) or wider, more inclusive civic entities such as regional coalitions; federal, state or regional organizations; or private or federal and state agencies and organizations.

Prior Year Awardees