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Project Administration and Post Award Management

ORSP helps principal investigators and project directors with all aspects of managing a funded award, from negotiation and acceptance of the award to the final close out.

PI Post-Award Responsibillities

Advance Account for Pre‐award Costs
An advance (pre‐award) account allows the Principal Investigator or Project Director to initiate spending on a sponsored project before an award has been received. Advance accounts should be used only when there is very little risk that the award will not arrive.

Revision to Program Plans and Budgets for Funded Awards
Sets forth requirements for making revisions to the scope of work or budget on an awarded sponsored project. 

Federal Compliance for Grants and Contracts

Guidance on Sponsored Projects
For principal investigators, administrative assistants, business managers, financial analysts and college and unit leaders. Guidance and instructions for pre- and post-award activities.

Effort Certification Training Schedule

Please direct all Project Administration and Post Award Management inquiries to Nancy Schindele at orsp.post-award@unco.edu or 970-351-1638.  Thank you.