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Policies, Procedures and Forms

When the University accepts grant funding from external sponsors, it does so under obligation to comply with the terms and conditions in the award documents. Awards, whether grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements, may cite particular laws, regulations, policies, and procedural requirements. UNC has implemented policies and procedures to ensure that the principal investigator and the University are protected, and that research and scholarly activities are conducted ethically and in compliance with sponsors' requirements.

Guidance on Sponsored Projects
For principal investigators, administrative assistants, business managers, financial analysts and college and unit leaders.

Principal Investigator Policy
Defines eligibility requirements for and responsibilities of principal investigators; it applies to PIs, Co-PIs, PDs and Co-PDs. To request an exception to automatic eligibility, download and submit the Application for PI or Co-PI Status.

Guidelines for Student Proposals and Awards
Proposal submission and award acceptance procedures, as applicable to student research projects.

Limited Submission Policy
Establishes the policy and procedures for selecting proposals to be submitted to competitions that limit the number of proposals that may be submitted by one institution.

Notice of Intent
As soon as you have decided that you are going to submit, notify ORSP by completing and submitting a Quick Proposal in Streamlyne.

Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A)
The University will collect fully all indirect costs to which it is entitled. Exceptions must be granted during the proposal submission process. Request for Reduced or Waived IDCs. 

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)
UNC's FCOI policy may be accessed in the University Regulations, Article 3, Part 4, Section 3-3-402(1). The policy is implemented through the Procedure for Implementing the Financial Conflict of Interest Policy.

Revision to Program Plans and Budgets for Funded Awards
Sets forth requirements for making revisions to the scope of work or budget on an awarded sponsored project. 

Advance Account for Pre‐award Costs
An advance (pre‐award) account allows the Principal Investigator or Project Director to initiate spending on a sponsored project before an award has been received. Advance accounts should be used only when there is very little risk that the award will not arrive.

Postdoctoral Employee Policy
This policy defines Postdoctoral employees and outlines Postdoc titles, terms of employment and Postdoc mentoring.

Research Involving Cannabis Guidance
Cannabis-related research, including marijuana and industrial hemp, shall comply with these guidelines.