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Page Types

There are many different starter options to use when creating a new page for your website. Below are page types and their best uses.

Single column with sidebar

Single Column with Sidebar

This is a great page to use if you have very simple content and want a sidebar on your page. The single column occupies most of the space and is offset by a right-hand sidebar. You can change the page properties at any time should your needs grow.

Single column

Single Column Layout

This option is perfect if you just need to create a simple layout. The sidebar is turned off and the content row occupies all available space. You can expand it further at any time through the page parameters should your needs grow.

Intro two columns and sidebar

Intro, Two Columns and Sidebar

Great for introducing content on the page and breaking out your content further down the page. The content areas are offset by a right-hand sidebar. Should you need to make any changes, you can do so with a quick visit to the page properties.

Intro with two columns

Intro with Two Columns

Don’t need a sidebar but still want an introductory content section followed by two columns below? This is the perfect option. Feel free to turn the sidebar on at any time through the page properties.

Intro with three columns

Intro with Three Columns

No need for a sidebar? Great! This page type has an introductory content section followed by a content row with three columns. While you can change setting at any time, please do not enable the sidebar using this page layout as it will squish the content section beyond what will look good.

Intro with four columns

Intro with Four Columns

This page type is similar to the one with three columns except we've added an extra column to the content row after the introductory row. Just like the page with three columns, you can change settings at any time, but we still ask that you don’t turn on the sidebar region.

Starter homepage

Starter Homepage

This will be the default index page in your newly-built website. If you accidentally delete it, or just want a page with a banner region and one column, you can use this page type. Don’t create a new page just to enable the banner region on an existing page – you can do that through the page properties.

Profile page

New Profile Page

Use this page type when making profile pages for faculty and staff listing directories. After creating this page, you will fill out MultiEdit sections to populate content on the page. There are also JustEdit regions for required sections. 

Unlike other page types, this one is based on university standards and cannot be changed. Additionally, you cannot enable these options on existing pages.