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Foundations of UNC Web Design

In the following pages you'll learn about the structure and some of the elements that make up UNC's website. Choose from the options below to learn more about how to use each as you build and customize your pages.


Our grid system makes it easy to order content on your pages and makes for nice layouts. Learn more about the grid system.

Page Structure

The page structure changes depending on the page type you choose to build. Take a look at the various editable areas on a page.


There are a few levels of navigation for you to use. Learn more about customizing your site's navigation.


We have a complex type-framework, and it's important to use styles only when appropriate. Read about how to customize your typography.


Make photography the "crown jewel" for your page's content. Find out more about using photography.


While not quite a rainbow of colors, you can choose from a few different styles from the Bear's spectrum. Learn more about color.

Writing Style

Explore the ins-and-outs of UNC's writing style and learn some tips and tricks specifically about the web. More about the writing style.