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Components of UNC's Website

The topics below will offer the tactile and nuts and bolts of how to create your site and pages. Let's get this party started.

Page Banners

There are a few options for page banners, and they all look great on pages. Learn more about page banners.

Image Sizes

Confused by all the customization you can do on your site? Use this reference for the various image sizes.


Have a lot of photos? Create a gallery to showcase the best of the best. Learn more about galleries.

Image Placements

It's important to think about where to place images in your designs. Learn the best ways to use images.


Pre-designed buttons make it easy to insert a call-to-action. Learn the best ways to use buttons.


So many snippets...so little time. There are many that can customize your design even further. Learn more about snippets.


Need supporting elements for your content? Look no further than icons. Learn more about how they should be used.