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Pet-Friendly Housing

Do you have a dog or cat? Belford Hall, Harrison Hall, and Lawrenson Hall have pet-friendly community options for students who’d like to bring their dog or cat with them to live.

This community is limited to dogs and cats only. Limited spaces are available in the pet-friendly community, and students must complete all required additional documentation to be considered a resident in the community.

The pet-friendly community sign-up process is first-come, first-serve.  Students should plan to bring a pet they already own. All completed pet paperwork is required prior to being offered a space in the Pet-Friendly Community.

UNC Student with her pet dog  

Pet-Friendly Policies Overview

  • All dogs or cats must be 6 months old or older before it can live in the community.
  • All pets must be either spayed or neutered.
  • Dogs must be 40 pounds or less when fully grown.
  • Restricted dogs breeds include protective breeds such as Pit Bull, Boxer, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Husky, Rottweiler, Mastiff, Dalmatians, Wolf or a dog that is a mix of any of these breeds.
  • Cats need to be indoor domestic pets. We encourage cats to be either declawed or have protective nail caps.
  • UNC Housing addresses policy issues or concerns that may arise and ultimately has the authority to terminate pet agreements and pet contracts with the community.
  • The owner is financially responsible for the actions of their pet including, but not limited to bodily injury, housing damages and campus damages. All residents within this community will not hold UNC liable for any personal or property damages as a result of the actions of any pet.
  • All residents in the pet-friendly community must abide by university policies and all city, state and federal laws.
  • All residents in pet-friendly areas must submit all required documents, which include the Pet-Friendly Community Application and related pet documents.

Lawrenson Hall: Pet-Friendly Floors

Pet-friendly is not all of Lawrenson Hall, it is only rooms on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors.

Harrison Hall: Pet-Friendly Floors

Pet-friendly is not all of Harrison Hall, it is only rooms on the 2nd floor of the North Tower.

Occupancy Requirements

  • Students are limited to one pet per bedroom and have a roommate who agrees to the terms and conditions of living in this community. 
    • Example A: Two pets maximum within one suite (four students). Typically, both pets would be the same species. Two students who want to live together and both have pets will live in separate bedrooms, however, they may get assigned random direct roommates since they did not request to live with anyone besides each other.
    • Example B: Four students can live in a Lawrenson Hall or Harrison Hall suite because they want to be part of the pet-friendly community but choose not to have a pet. However, priority will be given to students with pets.

Belford Hall: Pet-Friendly Single Rooms

All of Belford Hall will be pet-friendly for the 2024 - 25 academic year.

Occupancy Requirements

  • Students are limited to one pet per room.

How to Apply

  • Before Applying

    Before completing the Housing Contract and the required pet paperwork (see application instructions), review the following:

    • Lawrenson Hall and Harrison Hall Only: Identify potential roommates who you want to reside in your Lawrenson suite. Please see above “Example A and B” under the ‘Occupancy Requirements’ for potential suite configurations.
      • Note your roommate requests through the Pet Owner or Non-Pet Owner – Pet Friendly Community Applications. Submitting a completed application means you agree to be moved to the Pet-Friendly Community in Lawrenson or Harrison when there is an available space that meets at least the majority of your requests.
    • If you are placed in the Pet-Friendly Community, you will forfeit the previous space you were assigned to for the current academic year.
  • Application Instructions

    Understand that spaces are limited, and this is a first-come, first-serve community. Availability may be dependent on occupancy at the time of application. All pet owners and non-pet owners will be required to complete the forms listed below and adhere to the rules of conduct outlined within in other to maintain good standing in the Pet-Friendly Community. Those who fail to do so, may be asked to move out of the community or to remove their pet from the community.

    1. Complete the Online Housing and Dining Contract by logging into your Ursa account. After you read the terms and conditions and review your student information, you’ll be asked to select a Residential Community. Here you will select the Pet-Friendly option from the “Themed Housing” dropdown list.
    2. Before completing the Pet-Friendly Community Application and Pet Owner documents, you will need to prepare all of the following:
      • Roommate requests - if applicable
      • Basic pet information
        • Name of animal, type of animal, breed of dog, age of pet, pet weight, emergency contact should you not be reachable
      • Vaccination Records
        • Dogs
          • Required:
            • Rabies: At 16 weeks of age, thereafter as required by law.
            • Distemper: Initial puppy shots required, and thereafter as required.
          • Recommended:
            • Bordetella: Recommended every 6 months to a year.
            • Leptospirosis: Yearly requirement
        • Cats
          • Required:
            • Rabies: At 16 weeks of age, thereafter as required by law. 
            • FVRCP: Following initial kitten shots, booster every 3 years.
      • Proof of spay or neuter
      • Photo of your pet
      • Greeley Animal License. It may be helpful to have this mailed/obtained in advance. You can still apply without the license, and once you receive your room assignment obtain it. It must be obtained before the animal is present.
    3. Students who wish to bring a pet and live in the Pet-Friendly Community, complete the following form:
    4. Students who DO NOT wish to bring a pet and live in the Pet-Friendly Community you need to complete the following form:
    5. For returning students who claimed their same space, you will be sent the application via email. If you have questions, consult your Neighborhood Coordinator or Community Director. If you are a returning student and did not previously live in a Pet-Friendly Community, please use the links above to apply via the Pet Owner or Non-Pet Owner application. If you are approved, you will be assigned a space via the main housing office. 
  • Next Steps

    After submitting all required documents, complete these steps:

    1. You’ll receive confirmation from a Housing and Residential Education designee via e-mail, which indicates your acceptance to the pet friendly community or your overall status for this community, including a tentative room assignment.
    2. Resident Assistants of Belford or Lawrenson will complete a pre-walk of the suite to verify the condition of the room at move-in.  This includes a black light inspection process.
    3. Move into the residence hall with your pet and fill out your room inventory. Please be as detailed as possible since this inventory acts as a way to ensure you are not billed for any damage you or your pet did not cause.
    4. Complete a Pet-Friendly Roommate Agreement. This form will be provided to you after move in.
    5. Additional Resources


If you have any questions, please email us at housing@unco.edu. For additional questions in regard to room types and configurations, you can learn more about Belford Hall, Harrison Hall, and Lawrenson Hall on our website. You may also contact the UNC Housing and Residential Education office at 970-351-2721.