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On-Campus Housing for Graduate and Extended Campus Summer Programs

UNC's Housing and Residential Education is excited to welcome you to campus for your coursework this summer.

Living on Campus

Student walking on UNC campus in the summer.

Summer students will live in South Hall or North Hall. These residence halls are part of the Ridge Neighborhood, located on West Campus. The Ridge Neighborhood is within walking distance of Holmes Dining Hall, the Campus Recreation Center, Turner Green, Campus Commons, the University Center and the West Campus academic buildings.

These halls have spacious lounges with TVs, kitchens and laundry rooms (the cost to run these machines is included in the price of housing) on each wing. These halls also feature music practice rooms and study rooms throughout the facility, as well as a larger lounge and lobby spaces on the first floor for gatherings.

Graduate and Extended Campus Summer program:

Room Rates and Reservations

Additional Resources:

Interactive Campus Map

Find out more about the City of Greeley

  • Living Arrangements

    In South Hall and North Hall, most rooms are four-person suites with two double bedrooms. Limited options for singles rooms within a suite or designated single rooms for an additional charge may be available. We also offer the option to “buy out” a room at an additional charge; this would allow a double-occupancy bedroom to just have one person in it.

    If you are looking to rent a MicroChill for your time during your time you are here please click below. Note: make sure you choose the Summer 2024 option, that will be updated closer to the summer.

    Rent a MicroChill

  • Check In

    You will check in at The Ridge Neighborhood front desk, located at South Hall. We have scheduled most check-ins one day prior to the start of the academic program (generally on a weekend). Please contact our office and indicate on your application if you will need to change your arrival date; additional days may incur additional charges. Upon check-in you will receive a room inventory to fill out for the space you are assigned to. Once completed you will turn the inventory back in to the front desk.

  • Front Desk

    Cleaning supplies, package pick-up and keys to music rooms (if available) are just a few of the services available to you at the front desk.

  • Cleaning Supplies

    You can check out cleaning supplies such as a vacuum, broom, all-purpose cleaner and glass cleaner from the Ridge Neighborhood Front Desk in South Hall.

  • Room Repairs

    Submit a Work Request with as much detail as you can provide through UNC's TMA iService Desk and use your BearMail for updates.

    Note: You need to be connected to UNC Wired or Wireless Internet to Submit.

    Need help with something in your room that's not working right? You can contact the Ridge Front Desk at 970-351-2752.

  • Mail

    To send mail via USPS, UPS, FedEx or other provider, please use our guidelines to ensure your mailing arrives in a timely manner. Please do NOT put “UNC” or “University of Northern Colorado” on any of the mail. This will redirect the mail to the UNC general mail room for faculty, staff and department mail

  • Information Technology

    Wireless and wired connections are provided in student bedrooms. For devices that have a wired network connection, an ethernet cable is always advised for the most reliable and fastest connections. Submit an online ticket for assistance or call Information Management & Technology at 970-351-4357 (970-351-HELP).

    • Wired: Internet-connected game stations, Smart TVs, DVD/Blue Ray Players, Apple TVs, Roku devices, etc. can generally be connected to the UNC network through a wired connection after being enabled by Information Management & Technology. 
    • Wireless: Connect to Wi-Fi by searching for available networks and select UNC-STUDENT. The password is UNCStudent (case sensitive). Your username and password are your UNC student (Ursa) log-in and password.
  • Bear Print

    We encourage students not to bring a printer and instead take advantage of the Bear Print stations. Students who bring a printer should purchase a wired printer to be connected directly to a computer by USB cable rather than a wireless one.

  • Dining

    Dining is available at Holmes Dining Hall, located on West Campus. For additional questions about dining, please see UNC Dining Services.

  • Check Out

    Students will need to check out with a staff member. You will need to roughly estimate a total of an hour to schedule and execute a check out. Please plan your check-out accordingly.

  • HRE Handbook

    For more information about living on campus, check out the HRE Handbook.

What to Bring

What you choose to bring is based on your personal and unique circumstances. The basics of bed linens, towels, clothing, toiletries, laundry soap and course supplies are sufficient for most students. You may want to consider bringing hangers to hang some items as they are not provided in the wardrobes or closets. UNC offers Bear Print in many of our residential facilities so no need to bring a printer. We also have many items for checkout from our front desk including cleaning supplies, games, movies and cooking equipment. We encourage you to look at this list for other helpful ideas of what to bring and what to leave at home.

Student riding bike on campus.

Getting to Campus and Parking


If you are flying to Denver, you will want to fly into Denver International Airport (DIA). Greeley is about an hour northeast of DIA. You are responsible for your own transportation to get to the UNC Campus. Shuttle service from DIA to the UNC Campus in Greeley is available through several companies. All transportation services are located on Level 5 outside the main terminal of DIA. Most shuttles offer door-to-door service to the residence halls, upon request. Reservations are required for shuttles, and you will want to specify that your drop-off location will be South Hall on the UNC Campus. You should make reservations ahead of time and use reservation zip code 80639.


Directions, campus maps and virtual tours can be found on the UNC Campus Map.


All parking areas on the UNC Campus require an official UNC parking permit. Student permits are available for purchase with Parking Services. Once purchased, the cost of the permit will be applied to your student bill. After you place the order for your permit, a temporary permit will be emailed to you. Please display this temporary permit until your permanent permit arrives in the mail. If your permit does not arrive within three weeks, please contact parkingservices@unco.edu. Please view this parking map, which shows the proximity of I and J lots to South Hall and North Hall.

Before You Arrive


Your UNC ID card is needed for you to access your residence hall. Use your BearMail account to email card.office@unco.edu with the following information: Your Bear Number and phone number where you can be reached. Attach a copy of your driver's license or government-issued ID for verification of your identity. Attach a .jpg photo of yourself saved with the file name (your first.last name) that meets the criteria on the Card Office site.

UNC Mobile App

Download the UNC Mobile app from the Apple or Google Play so you can have the most up-to-date information and campus map.


Check Your BearMail for updates from UNC.

Other Campus Resources

Campus Recreation

Our colleagues in Campus Rec are happy to have you on campus and have plenty of options for membership during your stay on campus. This includes access to the Rec Center, as well as access to the Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop.

Student Health

The UNC Student Health Center is a walk-in clinic located in Cassidy Hall on Central Campus. All UNC students and employees are eligible to use the Student Health Center and most insurance plans can be billed.

Counseling Center

The UNC Counseling Center is a team of passionate, caring and committed professionals with experience and expertise in addressing the concerns faced by college students.

Bear Central

Bear Central is a hassle-free zone integrating the student services of the Office of Financial Aid, Bursar’s Office and Office of the Registrar in one central location. Get help with billing, financial aid or registration questions and take care of other business like updating your personal information, managing money, adding or dropping classes, reviewing grades and applying for your degree