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Experiential Learning through UHP

Students may pursue Honors Experiential Learning Options to meet their UHP Electives from the four options noted below:

  • Research Methodology Course
  • Honors Upper Division Course by Contract or Graduate Course Option
  • Internship/Field Experience/Student Teaching Option
  • Study Abroad/International or National Student Exchange Option

Students pursuing these options may earn 6 course credits for their work or be granted waiver of a portion of their course credit requirements if they complete the option, but the option either does not include course credit hour production or is less than 3 credits.  Specific details and information concerning each option are noted on the following pages, and students should carefully review that information if they wish to pursue a given option.

In advance of pursing any option, the student must submit the appropriate form (see the Forms and Documents page) and must receive approval from the Honors Program to undertake the option. The student approved to pursue an option must satisfactorily complete all requirements outlined in his/her approved request by the deadline noted for the option. 

Special Considerations regarding the Honors Experiential Learning Options:

  • Approval deadlines for each option vary.  Students should pay close attention to the specific approval deadline for any option they wish to pursue.
  • Deadlines to satisfactorily complete an approved option vary.  Students should pay close attention to the specific deadline by which their work must be completed.
  • Options are not repeatable.