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Honors Interdisciplinary Program Curriculum

For students in catalog years Spring 2023 and prior.

Students in Fall 2023 and later catalogs will complete the First Year Honors and/or University Honors Curriculum.

The Honors Interdisciplinary Program requires completion of a total of 11 lower division course credits with 10 course credits undertaken with Interdisciplinary seminars; 1 course credits undertaken in Application of Academic Inquiry; and evidence of Community and Professional Engagement through Honors Connect co-curricular program.

Honors students who complete all requirements and maintain a cumulative 3.25 UNC GPA will receive recognition through a certificate award, which will be noted on their diploma, and on their transcripts.

Lower Division Honors Program Plan

Note: If you started Lower Division Honors before Fall of 2017, your credit hour requirements will differ from what is stated below. Please check DegreeWorks for your particular Honors program requirements from your catalog year. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

Course Registration Information

To receive the Honors Interdisciplinary Program (“HIP”) distinction on your diploma, the Honors Program student will complete the following components:

Complete an introductory course in critical thinking (1 credit)

  • HON101

 Complete the Inquiry requirement (1 credit)

  • By completing one of the following courses (if you are a declared major in one of the majors with a discipline-specific LIB 100 series course, please enroll in the discipline specific section rather than the honors-specific section):
    • LIB 151 (Honors section)
    • LIB 160 (CJ majors)
    • LIB 170 (ASLS majors)
    • LIB 180 (History Majors)
    • LIB 150 Summer Bridge program option for student athletes
    • UNIV101

Complete 3 courses/options of themed academic coursework (9 credits)

Student will develop an honors academic plan and submit their intention through the Honors Theme Declaration form. The form should be submitted to the student’s major advisor and honors departmental liaison for feedback, and then submitted to the Honors Program.

Student will develop their honors academic plan with the following guidelines:

  • Students will choose ONE of the following options:
    • Life of the Mind option (9 credits): Students may complete the coursework as a Life of the Mind sequence with all 9 credits from designated interdisciplinary courses, including HON, LEAD, MIND and additional interdisciplinary courses selected each semester.

Current semesters Mind options

    • Self-Designed Theme option (9 credits): Students may develop a theme and designate course options to explore the theme option.  Themes may include a specific research related topic or issue (e.g. poverty, sports injury recovery), a concept (e.g. aesthetics), a question (e.g. what is truth?), or a professional area of study (e.g. law, leadership).
      • Three curricular options (minimum of 9 credit hours) must be completed and will include a mix of the following:
        • HON, LEAD or MIND lower division courses and/or
        • Course by contract and/or
        • Study abroad experience and/or
        • Internship relevant to major, career or honors theme
      • As the students complete each course/option, they will write a reflection on the course in relation to the chosen theme or “Life of the Mind” theme and will submit the reflection along with one sample of coursework to the their honors learning portfolio.

Complete Honors Connect co-curricular program

  • Demonstrate evidence of community and professional engagement during the student’s undergraduate studies through Honors Connect
  • Students are required to attend 6 honors designated activities, workshops or events to enrich their college experience and to engage them in the community and inspire civic commitment.  These activities can be completed at any time before being awarded the HIP certificate.  Options will be provided each semester and communicated through the honors listserv. (Examples include Schulze series speakers, Catalyst, Honors community service events.)
  • Students will log their event attendance in their Honors Learning Portfolio and in the Qualtrics link.

Complete the Honors Learning Portfolio

  • The learning portfolio will include reflections after each course, after each enrichment activity, along with a final reflection on the student’s overall experience and sample coursework from each of the honors-designated course options demonstrating the Student Learning Outcomes.
  • Portfolios may be developed in any format the student chooses.  Students are encouraged to utilize the Canvas e-portfolio tool to collect their documents. 

Learning portfolio instructions

Upper Division Honors Program

Students in HIP may begin Upper Division Honors, concurrent with Honors Interdisciplinary Program, as early as their 2nd semester as long as they have met the following:

  • 3.25 cumulative GPA
  • Completed or concurrent in LIB151 (or alternative course)
  • Completedd 45 credit hours


The Honors Progress Report designed for a traditional four year Honors Program course of study gives the recommended path through Honors.  The Program is flexible and can be adapted to fit most students’ needs.  Honors advising is provided each semester and required for students to remain in the Program.