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Honors Program Application Process

The Honors Program offers several entry points for students with a desire to broaden or deepen their academic studies.

Program Entry Point Options:

Honors First Year Experience

First Year Experience Honors is designed for both incoming students and continuing students who want an introduction to Honors education. The program curriculum is interdisciplinary and supports students to produce honors quality Students completing the Honors First Year Experience receive the designation “First Year Honors" on their UNC transcript.

University Honors Program

University Honors is designed for students who want to take full advantage of the intellectual breadth and depth of the Honors Program, providing access to upper-division electives and in-depth research experiences culminating in the creation of a Senior Honors Capstone project. Students who completed First Year Honors simply continue their journey, but all UNC students -- including transfer students -- may apply for entry to the program as late as the end of their sophomore Students completing the University Honors Program receive recognition at commencement and official designation as “University Honors” on both their transcript and diploma.

Honors Capstone Experience

The Honors Capstone program is designed for juniors and seniors who discover Honors too late to take advantage of the full program or who want to explore their major discipline in-depth through the creation of an Honors Capstone project. This project may be in the form of a traditional research thesis, a creative work, or an applied project. Students completing the Honors Capstone-Only program receive an “Honors Capstone" designation on their transcript.

To apply for any path through the Program:

Incoming Students from High School

Apply to UNC first. Then, if you are accepted to UNC, you will receive an invitation through your admitted students portal to apply to the Honors Program, which is a separate application. If you do not find that Apply to Honors option in your portal, or have any questions, please email us at honors@unco.edu , and we can help you!

Transfer Students

Apply to UNC first. Then, if you are accepted to UNC, you will receive an invitation through your admitted students portal to apply to the Honors Program, which is a separate application. Contact us at honors@unco.edu with any questions about your Honors Program application.

Current UNC Students

Apply directly to Honors Program, for any Program entry point, using the application link below:

Application questions for current UNC Students:

For students applying to either University Honors or Capstone Experience:
  1. What have been your most important activities outside of classroom learning? (e.g. work, hobbies, family, religious, sports, research, extra-curricular clubs, music, creative activities, etc.)(300 words or less)
  2. What are your future educational, graduate school and/or professional goals?  How does the Honors Program fit into your plans? (150 words or less)
For students applying to University Honors:

Choose one question and answer in the space below (You may copy and paste your response from another document. Do not use AI generated text as your response.  This must be in YOUR OWN words):
1) Please describe one achievement you are particularly proud of – it can be academic or personal in nature. Discuss any obstacles or barriers you had to overcome or the steps you had to take to make this achievement possible. 
OR 2) Please describe one time when you used original thinking in your approach to a problem or challenge. (500 words or less)

For students applying to Capstone Honors Experience:

Discuss one issue, problem, concern or research question that you would be interested exploring in more depth?  Why have you chosen this issue? In what ways would you be interested in exploring the issue? Do not use AI generated text as your response. This must be in YOUR OWN words. (500 words or less).

Current UNC Student Honors Program Application 

Honors Student Information Session

Information sessions will be available in the U-Engage Lounge in October and November as follows:

  • Thursday 10/26/2023   3:30pm-4:30pm   Michener Library Lower Level - L094/095
  • Wednesday 11/01/2023   2:30pm- 3:30pm   Michener Library Lower Level - L094/095
  • Tuesday 11/07/2023  6:00pm-7:00pm Zoom Meeting - Sign up for zoom link

RSVP for any Information Session Here:

Honors Info Session Sign-up

Book a prospective student meeting with an Honors Staff member Here:


Email honors@unco.edu for more information.

For Current Honors Interdisciplinary Program Students

For students who began in HIP in Fall 2022 or earlier.

If you have completed at least one semester of the Honors Interdisciplinary Program and are looking to begin the Upper Honors Division Program (UHP), please complete the Honors "HIP to UHP Intent Form" below. While HIP students are automatically accepted into UHP assuming satisfactory academic progress has been made at UNC, HIP students must declare when they are ready to begin UHP by completing the intent form available on our forms page.

Intent to begin UHP for Current HIP Students