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Honors Connect Co-Curricular Activities

 Being an Honors Student is about more than just academic course work.  It is also important that Honors Students become active members of their Program, their campus and their community as a way to give back to the systems that have supported them and to broaden their experience base.

The Revised Honors Connect Points System

This system replaces the old attendance requirement for Honors Interdisciplinary Program Students

Students should participate in a mix of activities to stay engaged with their honors community.  Points will be earned based on activity type and activity options and points will be communicated to all students through the Honors email newsletter.  Alternative activities can be considered on a case-by-case basis for students whose schedules do not allow regular attendance at the designated activities. Students must contact the Honors Program office to be granted alternative credit which may count toward meeting the minimum requirement, but not be used for Honors additional benefits.  

Upper Division Honors Program Requirement

Upper Division Students are required to attend Honors Research Night/Senior Showcase Fall and Spring semesters, Fall Symposium in Fall, and Research Day in Spring each year. They must present their own Honors capstone project/thesis at one event. If a student cannot attend these pre-designated events, they may attend an alternate scholarly event by emailing honors@unco.edu  

Honors Interdisciplinary Program Requirements 

Students in the Honors Interdisciplinary Program must earn a minimum of 5 points each semester in order to be an active member of Honors. We encourage students to earn more than the minimum of 5 points! Students can earn rewards and paid admission to fun activities and potentially be selected for conferences or other events based on their accumulation of points, which indicate that a student is engaged in the honors community. Honors Interdisciplinary Program Students must have participated in at least 6 activities to graduate with honors distinction and to receive regalia, which can be completed at any time.   

Points should be earned from at least two categories: 
  • Workshops 2 points each examples: 
    • What they don’t want you to know about Graduate School applications 
    • How to win with your presentation  
  • Honors Community & Social Events 1-2 points each examples: 
    • Cosmic Skating 
    • Day Hikes 
    • Self-Care Saturday 
    • Hot Chocolate & Bake Sale 
  • Colloquium 2 points each examples: 
    • Lord of the Rings Music 
    • Medieval Witchcraft  
  • Faculty Mixer/ Research & Scholarly Events 2 points each examples: 
    • Coffee with the Profs 
    • Honors Research Night
    • Research Day 

Honors Connect is mandatory for “Active” status in Honors Interdisciplinary Program and students will be eligible for Honors scholarships only if they meet the minimum active level.  

Verification of Participation: 

Attendance will be collected at all events and your current point status will be available by contacting honors@unco.edu. If you are using an alternate, it must be approved, and submitted to our Graduate Assistant for Communications, Planning & Advising, or email honors@unco.edu.