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Students Sitting under tree in class outside of Michener LibraryFirst Year Honors Experience

The Honors First Year Experience offers incoming students the opportunity to experience Honors instruction as part of a learning cohort while practicing interdisciplinary analytical skills and building a foundation for academic success.

Incoming first year students may apply for the Honors Program and begin their journey in honors with the "First Year Honors Experience". The First Year Experience is designed to provide students in all majors at UNC the opportunity to complete honors courses without impeding their regular studies. Many of the course options count toward Liberal Arts Core or general electives for graduation. Honors curriculum provides advanced critical thinking skills and the ability to problem solve by providing in depth examination of challenging concepts.  Students also engage with the entire honors community including faculty and peers through the Honors Connect extra-curricular components.  First Year students may choose to live in the Honors Residential Community (which is optional for Honors students).


  • Complete a total of 6 course credits in Honors introductory courses.
  • Participate in at least one additional Honors Connect activity each semester.
  • Achieve a cumulative 3.00 UNC GPA.

Choose two courses (6 credits) from the list below

Note: Students accepted into the Honors Program have access to an Honors-only section of UNIV 101 and are encouraged to take this course during their first semester at UNC.

UNIV 101

Foundations for Learning and Development


HON 100

Honors Connections Seminar I


HON 180

Great Ideas in Context
LAC Arts & Humanities and IS (International Studies)


HON 182

Confluence of Cultures
LAC Arts & Humanities and MS (US MultiCultural  Studies)


HON 185

Religions and Worldviews
LAC Arts & Humanities


HON 200

Honors Connections Seminar II


Completion of all Honors First Year Experience requirements will earn a “First Year Honors” designation on the student’s transcript, regardless of whether the student chooses to remain in the Honors Program