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Forms and Documents

Honors Forms Submission Link.

Use this link to submit your course forms, including the following:

  • Degree Works/Curriculum/course form declarations:
      • Courses by contract  [require signatures - download forms from the links below]
      • Study Abroad/Internship/Practicum declaration (Pre- and Post-)
      • Research Methods course declaration
      • Substitution courses (Such as 422 for HON451)
      • Graduate Course declaration
  • Other forms:
      • HIP Theme Declaration
      • UHP Thesis Advisor Form [require signatures - download forms from the links below]
      • UHP Thesis/Capstone Approval forms (proposal and final approval) [require signatures - download forms from the links below]

Please submit all complete forms with the link below:

Submit Honors Forms Here

A few forms require that you obtain signatures, which can be through .Doc or PDF Forms.  Pdf forms work better if you have downloaded Adobe Acrobat. You can look into downloading it here, Adobe Acrobat.

Honors Mission and Vision Documents

Honors Student Forms

Most forms can be submitted in the online form submission page and do not require a separate form or signature. If you would like a physical form, please email honors@unco.edu. The following forms require additional signatures and therefore have a separate form that must also be uploaded into the submission page:

Forms found on the online form submission (do not require separate forms) are as follows:

  • Experiential learning (Study Abroad/Practicum/Internship/Student Teaching/Field Experience) pre and post forms
  • HIP theme declaration
  • HIP Portfolio upload
  • Research course form
  • HIP to UHP Intent form
  • UHP Graduate Course form
  • UHP Professional Engagement form