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STEP 4: New Student Orientation Program (NSOP)

What is NSOP and what do I need for NSOP?

NSOP is our introduction to future cadets about life in AFROTC. We hold this in conjunction with activation to give new cadets a chance to get to know the cadre staff and our cadet wing. This will be an opportunity for new cadets to interact with their future team and start learning the basics from upperclassmen. This is also an opportunity for parents and family to see what Detachment 90 is about and see firsthand what life will look like for their children at Detachment 90. The only requirements for NSOP is to wear comfortable shoes and be ready to learn from your fellow cadets.

Fall Semester 2024:

Where: Detachment 90, Colorado State University (Exact location on campus TBD)

When: 15 August 2024  from 1530 – 1730 local time (Parent briefing with cadre will also be held from 1600 - 1700)

Who: All Fall 2024 prospective cadets and their parents, guardians, or family