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Detachment 90 Airforce ROTC Alumni

Detachment 90 has commissioned hundreds of outstanding officers into the Air Force who are now deployed all across the world. Our alumni work in all the different fields within the Air Force, and have a significant impact in our country and the world. 

Interested in being a guest speaker?

Contact Us and we will be glad to set something up.

Recruiters Assistance Program

Interested in coming back to CSU to give us a hand with recruiting?  As a participant in the Recruiters Assistance Program (RAP), you will be granted up to 12 days of non-chargeable leave to provide personal testimonials, assist in school visits, and perform other recruiting-related tasks.

Details can be found in AFI 36-3003, Military Leave Program.

Detachment Coin Collection

We are collecting coins from all over the world. If you would like to send in a coin, please mail it to the detachment at the following address, along with your name and some background information on your assignment:

AFROTC Aerospace Studies
200 W Lake Street, CSU Campus Deliveries 1072 
Fort Collins, Colorado, 80523-1072f