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Opportunities at Det 90 

Base Visits

Det 90 organizes one-to-two visits to nearby Air Force bases per year. On these visits, cadets will get the chance to stay on the base for several days and experience multiple Air Force career fields and missions.

Cadets visit research labs, hangars or air fields and get up close with aircraft, tour weapon facilities, and possibly get hands-on with the equipment.  You also gain exposure to the many benefits of having access to or living on an Air Force base.

Base visits don’t cost anything for cadets. All you have to do is sign up when you hear about it.  

AFROTC Cadets at Airforce Base

Incentive Flights

Cadets will occasionally have the opportunity to go on familiarization flights in military aircraft. These usually happen alongside base visits but have been scheduled throughout the year as well. 

Cadets who are interested need to keep their ears open, opportunities will come up out of nowhere! And there is typically some medical screening that goes along with it. 

These flights are a great way to experience a big part of what the Air Force is all about.

Civil Air Patrol Orientation Flights

All Det 90 cadets have the extremely valuable benefit of flying up to four free flight hours in a civilian aircraft with a certified flight instructor. This is all thanks to our local Civil Air Patrol (CAP) unit, which provides this opportunity to our cadets.

If you are unsure about whether you want to be a pilot, this is a great way to find out.  It is also a great way to log flight hours and gain good hands on experience. 

Either way, it is an amazing opportunity and cadets take full advantage of it.  The flight instructors love to do it too.

AFROTC Cadets posing in front of Plane

Professional Development Training (PDT) Opportunities

Professional Development Training (PDT) includes a wide range of opportunities for cadets. Some simply require a sign up and others require applications to be submitted. PDTs are military training or work opportunities, and there are lots available. Some of these include:

  • Opportunities to work on base with active duty officers
  • Internships and learning opportunities all across the country
  • Technology based programs
  • Language based programs 
  • Jump school
  • Cyber security exercises
  • Leadership symposiums and conferences
And a whole lot more. Many opportunities come up spontaneously, while most of the ones included here repeat yearly.