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Program Requirements

As a member of AFROTC, your ultimate goal will be to graduate and commission as a second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. This program provides a curriculum aimed at developing students into professional leaders and teammates, and there are numerous opportunities to grow and prepare yourself to become an officer, leader, and wingman.

Every semester, cadets are required to meet and maintain eligibility requirements to stay in the program. These are requirements that every cadet must meet and are an important part of building character and maintaining standards. As an officer, you will be expected to set the example so it is important to understand and exceed standards as a cadet. 

  • Fitness

    Physical fitness is an important part of AFROTC and active duty service. Every semester, cadets are administered a physical fitness assessment (PFA) which consists of pushups, situps, a mile and a half run, and an abdominal circumference measurement.  Cadets must achieve a passing score to remain eligible for the program. 

    While physical training (PT) is conducted three days a week, it is highly recommended that cadets work out on their own outside of mandatory PT. Here are the requirements for passing the PFA: AFROTC Fitness Requirements

  • GPA

    GPA requirements differ based on scholarship status:

    • 2.0 for non-scholarship
    • 2.5 for scholarship

    Although these are the minimum requirements, cadets should shoot as high as they can. Having a higher GPA opens up additional opportunities like internships or incentive flights. 

    Additionally, students must sign up for their Aerospace Studies (AS) class and the weekly lab, both of which they must pass with a C or better, and meet the 80% attendance rate. 

  • Conduct

    In addition to meeting fitness and GPA requirements, there are a few rules cadets must follow. The Air Force has instituted zero tolerance policies on substance abuse, discrimination, harassment, and hazing.  These behaviors erode team cohesion and adversely impact the mission we are trying to achieve together.

    Professionalism is expected of cadets at all times, in or out of uniform, on or off campus. Upon joining AFROTC, you will represent the Air Force which is something to take great pride in.  The civilian population places great trust in Airmen to carry out the mission, and we must uphold this trust with our actions.

  • Majors

    AFROTC cadets can commission with any major they like, though some careers are restricted to certain majors, like Engineering, Nursing, or Meteorology. See Air Force desired majors.