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Young teacher sitting at desk doing yoga.
Colorful shapes and squiggles emanating from the silhouette of the profile of a head.
An poster in a classroom showing a basic network topology diagram with labeled components for student learning.
Graphic image of a person sitting in front of several computer screens analyzing data.
Fernando standing against a wall with his arms crossed smiling
Close up of a child's face surrounded by lights and shapes.
David Barillas Chon
Teacher pointing at shapes in front of young students
Illustration of student standing near a staircase made of books, contemplating education and deep in thought
group of diverse students attending last year's conference, standing together and smiling outside on Greeley's campus
A male educator holding a clipboard sitting in a chair next to a young male student
Two woman standing in front of a dry erase board looking at each other while talking
Parker Coffelt standing against a wall
close up of female students reading flash cards during education lesson in classroom.
a person siting at a desk at the end of a library aisle
Teacher sitting on the floor interacting with a group of preschool-age children.
College students standing in a hallway wearing face masks
Kelly Langly Cook on the floor teaching a hands on experience
drawing of young student sitting in front of a laptop
Rosemary Gonzalez sitting in nursing scrubs posing for the picture
Jenny Pettit wearing dean's citation medal
Hispanic/Latina teacher sitting beside young male student with a book
Future Teacher Conference
Female studying in library
Students attending the Future Teacher Conference
Student in UNC's CUE program working in a classroom
McKee Hall
David holding the award plague on campus
Future Teacher Conference 21 with Gov Polis
Graphic of CEBS building and Stallones
Child with racket and wearing mask
Finan's students with their newly made cigar-box guitars
Teacher reading to students
Child and parent doing remote learning, teaching
Empty classroom
Person playing a video game
UNC Students Attended International Education Celebration at Capitol
Lucile Buchanan with her graduating class at UNC
Earlier FTC event crowd
The group of teachers visiting UNC on campus
Game Studio Design participants learning about and playing a game to better understand the logistics.
UNC alum Teacher Tuesday winners standing with Jonathan Shaw
UNC members installing the beehive in Ross Hall
UNC ASL students
UNC student teacher reading to students in a classroom setting.
Teacher teaching children their lessons in school
mines, unc mou signing
Pakistan teachers group photo
photo of kids playing in field
school bus driving on dirt road in rural Colorado
school bus on rural road
Windsor elementary school students in class
Polly Baca and Bill Ritter