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Package Services 

Incoming Packages

All packages coming to UNC via commercial carriers (FED EX, UPS, DHL etc) are received, logged via computer to provide accountability, and then delivered to campus departments daily.  The warehouse delivers to campus Departments only, not to each individual office. 

Addressing packages:  Here is an example of how to address your incoming packages:  (ALL CAPS PLEASE)

501 20TH ST

Frozen or refrigerated products:  The Warehouse does not have the capability to refrigerate or freeze incoming packages containing perishable materials. Items are generally received in the morning, and are delivered to the departments that afternoon.  If the materials are critical in nature, please call the warehouse and arrange to pick them up soon after delivery.



UPS delivers each and every morning to the Warehouse.  At that time, UPS may pick up any outgoing packages.  However, if the truck is too full and he is unable to take packages during his morning delivery, Mail Services will have to call for a pick up. At this point the pickup charges will be passed on to the department. The alternative is for departments to drop these packages free of charge at any UPS store. The closest store is located at 2519 11th Ave in Greeley. If you have any questions, please feel free to call  1-2250. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

ALL OTHER OUTGOING:  Please call the Warehouse at 1-2250 and arrange to have your outgoing package picked up, or feel free to bring it to the Warehouse yourself.  Make sure the Mailing address and any special instructions are clearly attached.   It will be processed according to your instructions, a Fed Ex label created, and it is shipped out.  The mailing department is then billed through the Mail Services.  Note:  the University has a Fed Ex agreement for shipping. 


The warehouse tracks and obtains signatures for all deliveries.  If you need to follow up on a package you believe has already been delivered, call 1-2250 for assistance.  Please have the tracking number, as well as any other information when you call.