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Inter-campus Mail

  •  Inter-office mail is a campus correspondence from one on campus department to another on campus department.
  • All faculty, staff and students have access to UNC’s inter-campus mail system. We deliver inter-campus mail to all departments daily. This mail is picked up, sorted and then delivered to each department within 24 hours.
  • Please use reusable envelopes that are clearly marked for quick delivery.
    • Recipient Full Name, Department, Campus Box #
    • Sender Full Name, Department & Campus Box #

If the recipient cannot be identified it will be returned to sender.

  • We store inter-campus envelopes, large and small, and can provide them on request.
  • Do not send cash or other valuables through inter-office mail.
  • Ensure all personal correspondence is SEALED and the recipient and sender is clearly defined.
  • Please see list of current campus box numbers.

Bulk Inter-campus Mail

  • Mail Services facilitates the distribution and delivery of campus wide mailings such as postcards, flyers and posters.
  • Bulk inter-office mail is defined as any mailing to campus departments over 50 pieces.
  • A minimum 24 hour notice must be given for distribution to departments. Requests placed on Friday will be processed and distributed on Monday.
  • Please contact us for the amounts you will need, to be sure your information reaches your desired audience of Staff, Faculty and/or Admins.