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Bulk Mail

      • Mailroom must be notified prior to a bulk mailing coming to the mailroom. This insures we are prepared to process and deliver your bulk mailing in the 5 working day timeframe allotted.
        • Small bulk mailings, consisting of three containers or fewer, will be picked up by the UNC Mail Service personnel during their daily delivery runs.
        • If you have more than three trays or tubs of standard (bulk) mail, please contact Warehouse Services at 1-2250 or  warehouse.contacts@unco.edu request an afternoon pickup.
      • Mail that is time-sensitive should not be sent in this manner. Mail Services has up to five (5) working days to get mailings of 3000 pieces or less to the Post Office. They, in turn, promise us a 3-5 week delivery time.
      • This mail uses the Permit 21 indicia in the top right corner and does not get postage added. Please contact Mail.Services@unco.edu for more information.
      • All bulk mailings must be presented to the USPS by the UNC Mail Service only.
      • Mail Services can provide tubs and trays for mailings.
      • Please call the Mail Service (1-2026) if you have questions.

Bulk Mail Requirement
In order to qualify to use UNC’s Bulk Mail Permit, the mailing must:

    • Contain a minimum of 200 pieces with identical contents, in weight and size.
    • Be in zip code order or a sorting fee may occur.
    • Limited to delivery within the USA and USA Possessions. It cannot be sent outside the USA.
    • Have complete addresses, all facing the same direction and be legibly typed, printed or hand written.
    • Return address must be complete and including “The University of Northern Colorado” or “UNC” AND “ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED”
    • Cannot advertise for profit organizations, as UNC is a Non-Profit Bulk mailer.
    • The UNC mailing permit is #21, and must be stamped or printed in the upper right-hand corner of the mail piece. The Mail Service can loan a stamp if the permit was not pre-printed on material.

Acceptable return address for bulk mail
University of Northern Colorado (no part of the address can be larger/bolder than this)
Department Name (required)
501 20th Street
Greeley, CO 80639-(4-digit extension dept mail account code)

Mailing Consultation
Have a mailing you’re planning to send out, but not sure what class of mail it qualifies for or if it meets USPS mailing standards?
Give mail services a call at 970-351-2026 and/or send a preview to mail.services@unco.edu and we will verify to make sure your piece goes through quickly and smoothly!

Common mistakes

Not enough room for First Class postage in upper right hand corner

  • Mail Services needs 3.5inches of blank white space in the upper right hand corner to correctly place postage with the Endorsement “Address Service Required” to the left of the postage, which is required by the USPS.
  • TIP: If you include “Address Service Required” under UNC’s return address, we only need 2.5 inches of space to print the postage, leaving you more room for your design! This is GREAT news for postcard mailings. 
  • If there is not ample space provided or the endorsement pre-printed on mailing, we must use a white label to make a space and then charge label costs to dept.

Destination address and postage being perpendicular to each other
They must be parallel and in standard letter format.

Not providing Return Address for UNC
To use the Bulk Mail Permit 21 or First Class, UNC must be the return address for any mailing sent out from campus.