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Shipping Services

Need to ship out a package?

    • Departments please use provided shipping form to insure faster and proper labeling.
    • We are able to label and ship out FedEx and US Post Office Mail. We are not able to label and ship out with UPS, however they do deliver daily to campus. (Please note, with recent changes to UPS, they now charge a fee for any pickup request)
    • We always choose the most economical route for your package. If you prefer a specific carrier or service, please indicate on shipping form.

Want tracking information?

Indicate on shipping form and we will send tracking information to you via email by end of business day.

Need a package pickup?

    • If a package weighs more than 15 pounds or you have a large quantity, please email warehouse.contacts@unco.edu or call 1-2250 or to request pickup. They will bring your package to the mailroom to be prepared for shipping.
    • Mail Services can pick up small packages under 15lbs.

UPS Notice

    • Recently, UPS made a change to their policy about picking up packages. Over the years we have picked up UPS pre-labeled packages from campus and brought them back to the warehouse to be picked up by UPS. Our driver was typically able to pick up packages when he delivered or able to stop by on his way back to UPS base. The driver no longer has the option of returning to the warehouse to pick up packages. If he is unable to take packages during his morning delivery, Mail Services will have to call for a pick up. At this point the charges will be passed on to the department. The alternative is for departments to drop these packages free of charge at any UPS store. The closest store is located at 3620 W 10th St. Suite B., in Greeley. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Mail Services at ext. 1-2026. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Need a box or envelope?

We have boxes and envelopes of various sizes for USPS and FedEx mailings. Warehouse typically has various sized boxes as well.