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Incoming and Outgoing Mail

Addressing Mail

All faculty and staff, when signing up for new magazines, mailings, or giving out your campus address, please insure to give ample information for your mail to increase accuracy and quick delivery.

Recipient Name (your name)
Department Name  (Your dept)
University of Northern Colorado
501 20th St
Greeley, CO 80639  (use  80639 not 80631)

Mail Services asks all departments to separate off-campus from inter-campus mail, as well as separate international from all other mail within the outgoing pick up box before campus carrier arrives to pick up mail.

This helps prevent accidental mailing errors such as campus mail receiving unnecessary postage, or international mail not receiving enough postage.

All outgoing mail must have a mail account code in upper left hand corner for proper billing. (Please note this is NOT the office box number)

See Mail Account Codes

  • This is found in the return address attached to the zipcode
  • 80639-XXXX
  • If you are mailing personal letters, please include proper postage, to prevent delay or return of letter.
  • Large envelopes, bulky letters and parcels should be sealed.
  • Mailroom must be notified prior to a bulk mailing coming to the mailroom. Please see the Bulk Mail Tab for more information

If you have more than three trays or tubs of standard (bulk) mail, please contact Warehouse Services at 1-2250, warehouse.contacts@unco.edu to request afternoon pickup.

Express Mail

Express Mail needs to be received in the mailroom by noon to get it to the carrier the same day.

Foreign/International Mail

Please mark as AIR MAIL to help us easily identify.

    • Custom Forms are now generated by our postal system
    • Postcards, Letters, or large envelopes do not require customs form



    • Delivers to the mailroom between 10am-1pm daily.
    • We deliver outgoing mail to the Post Office at 12pm every day.
    •  If Express are received before 12:00 they will be delivered on the Warehouse route the same day.
    •  All mail received is delivered the following business day.


    • Delivers to the warehouse between 8-1pm.
    • Pick up daily between 2:30 and 4:30pm daily.
    • For Express packages our deadline to mail out is 12pm to insure adequate pickup by 4:30pm. (when Warehouse closes)
    • Cannot deliver to PO Boxes. 


    • Delivers to campus between 9-12pm daily.
    • Recently, UPS made a change to their policy about picking up packages. Over the years we have picked up UPS pre-labeled packages from campus and brought them back to the warehouse to be picked up by UPS. Our driver was typically able to pick up packages when he delivered or able to stop by on his way back to UPS base. The driver no longer has the option of returning to the warehouse to pick up packages. If he is unable to take packages during his morning delivery, Mail Services will have to call for a pick up. At this point the charges will be passed on to the department. The alternative is for departments to drop these packages free of charge at any UPS store. The closest store is located at 2519 11th Ave in Greeley. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Mail Services at ext 1-2026. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.