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Paragraph 1 -

Any person desiring to contest a ticket may request a hearing. The hearing request must be submitted in writing to Parking Services within ten (10) calendar days after the violation date. A meeting with the Appeals Officer must be scheduled within seven calendar days of the appeal filing date. If a meeting is not scheduled within 7 days of the submittal date, the Appeals Officer will make a decision based on petitioner’s written statement. All matters relating to a parking notice may be disputed, with the exception of the amount of the fine(s). Parking Services will provide hearing request forms and will schedule hearings at the convenience of the Appeals Officer.

Paragraph 2 -

Subject to the provisions of 7-1-3, any person who fails to request a hearing within the prescribed time waives their right to a hearing and subjects themself to the monetary fine and penalties.

Paragraph 3 -

If a hearing request is made after the time period prescribed in 7-1-1, a hearing may be granted by the Director of Parking Services, depending upon an explanation in writing of any extenuating circumstances and the Director’s allowance of that explanation. 

Paragraph 4 -

The Hearing Officer will be scheduled, at their convenience, on a regular basis by Parking Services. Any person who requests a hearing will be afforded the option to present evidence and witnesses. When a person requesting a hearing does not desire to be present, or cannot be present at the hearing, their case will be heard on the basis of their written statement only.

Paragraph 5 -

Witnesses, friends, spouses, children, and other family members shall remain in the waiting area until the Hearing Officer deems it necessary to see and talk to them.

Paragraph 6 -

Parking Services shall administer the hearing program and may have a member of Parking Services serve in a representative capacity. Parking Services will provide notice to petitioners of the date, time and location of hearings and will provide the petitioner with a disposition notice of the findings of the Hearing Officer.

Paragraph 7 -

The amount of the fine on each parking notice upheld and due, as a result of a hearing should be paid at Parking Services within ten (10) calendar days of the date of the disposition notice. 

Paragraph 8 -

The Hearing Officer's decision is final.


Paragraph 1 -

The Hearing Officer may be a member of the University community or of the community at large.

Paragraph 2 -

The Hearing Officer will be approved by the Director of Parking Services.

Paragraph 3 -

The Hearing Officer shall hear all classes of violations and shall have the authority to uphold, amend, or dismiss the fine.