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Appealing a Citation

What You Need to Know

The most important things you need to know about the appeals process:

Initial citation appeals must be submitted at unco.thepermitstore.com 

The customer will be informed if the citation is dismissed or upheld via email. If the customer would like to contest this decision, the customer has the option of submitting a Formal Appeal:

  • Appeals must be submitted to the Parking Services office within ten days of when the citation was issued
  • Appeals must be submitted on Parking Services' Appeal Petition form,
  • If the petiitoner fails to arrange an appeal date within 7 calendar days from when the appointment request was made, fails to appear at the time of their scheduled appointment, or does not provide a minimum 2 hour notice for cancellation, the appeal will be judged on the provided written submission alone. 
  • The decision of the Appeals Officer is the final word on the citation/violation/appeal.

Appeal Petition Form

The Appeal Process

Step One: The Appeal

If you disagree with your citation and would like to formally contest its validity:

You must complete a Appeal Petition form  either in person at Parking Services in the University Center or via email. 

You must request a Appeal within ten days of the issuance of a citation.

Step Two: The Appeal

Once the Appeal Petition form is received by Parking Service, we pass it on to the Appeal Officer who will begin a preliminary investigation of your appeal which may include:

  • A review your Appeal Petition form
  • A review of Parking Services' records for the citation including any photos taken by the Campus Safety Patrol Officer who issued it
  • A visit to the site of the citation
  • An interview with Parking Services staff or other witnesses

After the preliminary investigation, the Appeal officer will set up a meeting to discuss the citation/appeal with you unless it is indicated that you do not want an in-person meeting on the form.

Step Three: The Disposition

When you file an appeal there are three possible outcomes:

  • The Citation may be voided and all fees will be waived.
  • The Citation fine may be reduced.
  • The Citation may be upheld and the full fine will be due.

Appeals FAQs