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Paragraph 1 -

Any person or vehicle found in violation of these regulations shall be subject to one or more of the following sanctions:

a. Impoundment.

b. Referral of the matter to the appropriate administrative officer of the University of Northern Colorado for disciplinary action.

c. Imposing of a fine. All fines shall be paid to Parking Services. Any fine appearing on a University billing will be paid at Accounting Services. Unpaid citation fees will appear on student bills after 13 days. 


Paragraph 1 -

The penalties for a violation are as listed in section 5 article two and three.

Paragraph 2 -

If a citation fine is paid and postmarked within ten (10) calendar days after issuance, a $10.00 per citation discount can be taken; after the ten (10) calendar day period the original total amount due will be billed through normal Parking Services procedures.

Paragraph 3 -

Fines will be paid at Parking Services, in person, by mail, phone or online. Hearings will be applied for online or in person at Parking Services office.


Paragraph 1 -

In addition to any other provisions of these regulations, any violator who incurs any monetary indebtedness to the University of Northern Colorado will have that indebtedness treated as any other bill due and owing to the University. Students will be billed for delinquent fines and billing fees by Accounting Services. Students must lower their account balance to under $200, including parking fines, before they are permitted to register for the next semester, or in the case of graduating students, before they receive their diploma or copies of their transcripts. Faculty/staff members will be billed for delinquent fines and billing fees by Parking Services and can expect to have any unpaid amounts withheld from their paychecks. Unpaid parking charges and billing fees incurred by others may be turned over to a collection agency and an additional fee will be added to the amount due.