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Pay to Park Stations

  • The Pay to Park stations accept coins as well as Visa, Master Card and Discover.
  • The machines do not give change.
  • The permit from the Pay to Park station is good in any student lot. They are not valid in faculty lots.
  • The permit you receive must be visibly displayed on the dashboard.
  • Be prepared to go to a second Pay to Park station if the first one is found to be out of order.
  • Pay to Park machine locations can be found on our parking map.
  • If you experience a problem with any of the Pay to Park stations, email Parking Services at parkingservices@unco.edu.

How to purchase a permit with coins

How to purchase a permit with a credit or debit card

How to purchase a permit with a department coupon code

Time Price 
30 minutes $.75
1 hour $1.25
2 hours $2.50
3 hours $3.75
4 hours  $5.00 
12 hours  $6.00 
24 hours  $12.00