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Paragraph 1 -

Any vehicle operated by faculty, staff, student or other member of the University community must display a parking permit to park in any restricted lot, zone or space on campus. No permit shall be valid in metered parking spaces unless specifically authorized by Parking Services.


Paragraph 1 -

All faculty, staff, students or other members of the University community demonstrating a need for parking privileges are eligible to apply for a parking permit at Parking Services.

Paragraph 2 -

All permits are valid only for the person to whom they were issued, and for the original purpose for which they were issued.


Paragraph 1 -

All members of the University and non-University community are eligible to park in the metered spaces upon payment of the meter fee.

Paragraph 2 -

Parking meters shall be operational on all school days regardless of national, state or local holidays, excepting as provided in 1-5-2. All meters will be enforced during the hours designated by the posted sign(s) at the entrance(s) to the lots.

Paragraph 3 -

Meters will be presumed to be functioning properly. Parking Services will examine all meters reported to be malfunctioning. Parking at a malfunctioning meter is a violation. Another citation for Overtime Meter can be issued two (2) hours after an earlier ticket.

Paragraph 4 -

Notices are posted on each meter stating that parking a vehicle at a malfunctioning or "Out of Order" metered space is a violation.


Paragraph 1 -

Faculty, staff and students may purchase permits beginning on August 1st for the upcoming academic year.

Paragraph 2 -

The following permits are annual permits, unless otherwise stated. They are issued for the academic year.

Board of Trustees Permits are valid in all lots, regular spaces, metered spaces, service spaces and any other restricted areas except for fire lanes and no parking zones. This permit is only to be used for official Board of Trustees business. If the permit holder is found using this permit for personal use, he or she will be subjected to a citation and possible revocation of permit.

Bicycle Permits identify bicycles that have been registered with UNC Parking Services. Parking Services will honor any currently valid city registrations or licenses, provided the owner re-registers the bicycle (free of charge) with the UNC Bicycle Program. This program has been implemented to help deter thefts and to aid in the location of missing or stolen bicycles. Bicycle permits are valid for the duration of the owner's stay at UNC. A one time fee of $20 will be assessed when registering a bike. 

Commuter Permits are available to both Students and Faculty/Staff members. The Commuter Permit is only valid in Y Lot. Student Commuter Permits are valid on an annual and semesterly basis. 

Emeritus Permits are issued to all Board of Trustee Certified "Emeritus Faculty" of the University of Northern Colorado. An Emeritus Permit is valid at regular and metered spaces in all lots. Misappropriation or misuse of the Emeritus Permit will result in the revocation of the permit. An Emeritus Permit may only be used by the person it was issued to or their spouse. It is not valid for the use by other family members or other persons.

Faculty/Staff Permits (FS) are valid in any lot on campus except S lot and any further restricted spaces.

Graduate Assistant Permits (GA) are issued to Graduate and Teacher Assistants. They are valid in all lots except H and further restricted spaces.

Service Permits (SV) can be requested by personnel or businesses which demonstrate a need to park in parking spaces near entrances and exits of buildings to facilitate deliveries, repairs, or maintenance on campus. Parking Services management reviews Service Permit requests and approves or denies them. Typical Service Permit holders include: plumbers, elevator repairmen, IT staff, and Dining/Catering vehicles. This permit is valid in all regular permit spaces, service spaces, and loading zones. Issuance of this permit does NOT give approval to drive on sidewalks or stop in non-designated parking spaces. This permit is not to be used on a "normal," daily basis, or as an "upgrade" to a regular permit holder's uses. Misuse of this permit can result in immediate termination of its validity. This permit remains the property of UNC Parking Services at all times and must be returned to Parking Services upon request.

Student Permits (ST) are valid in lots A2, Arlington, C, D, G, I, J, KOHL, L, M, Q, R, S, T, TN, U, V, W, X, Y, Z-south and in further non-restricted spaces. Student Permits are valid on an annual and semesterly basis. 

Volunteer Permit is issued at the discretion of the Director of Parking Services to individuals who are not students, faculty or staff members at the University of Northern Colorado, and who provide volunteer services throughout the academic year. These are valid in specific lots, regular or metered spaces as approved by Parking Services.


Paragraph 1 -

Unless otherwise noted below, these permits are issued in Parking Services office at the University Center Information Desk. 

Paragraph 2 -

The following permits are temporary permits. They are issued for a period of one day, a partial day, intermittent days, partial weeks or for a number of weeks, but generally less than one semester.

Pay and Display Permits may be purchased at pay to park stations in many student parking lots for a cost of $10.00 for 24 consecutive hours, $5.00 for 12 consecutive hours or $1.00 per hour for up to four hours. Dispensers can only accept credit and debit card payment and coin payment. Dispensers can neither give back change nor any of the money that was already inserted. This permit is valid in regular permit spaces of all regular student lots on campus. These permits are not valid at meters, at specially marked spaces, in Faculty Staff lots, or in K-east unless otherwise stated. If a dispenser is inoperable, it is the responsibility of the driver to find another method of purchasing a permit to park on campus. 

Delivery Permits are issued to members of the Greeley & surrounding community who deliver food, office supplies, business products and other merchandise to members of the UNC community. This permit is issued by the semester; it is valid in metered spaces, service spaces and loading spaces for up to 30 minutes. All service and loading areas are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Health Center Permits [or Cassidy Hall Permits] are issued upon request by the Health Center to students having an appointment at the Health Center. These are valid for 2 hours in T and V lots only in regular permit spaces or designated Clinic parking. Health Center Permits without information completed by Health Center personnel are not valid.

Loading Permits are generally issued to faculty/staff members of the University community who have purchased a current term permit and who have submitted a written request signed by their Department Head or their designee. This permit is only valid with a current term permit for a time period not to exceed 30 minutes in service vehicle spaces and loading spaces only. All service and loading spaces are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Special Permits are issued at the discretion of the Director of Parking Services depending on the type of need. Time limits and validity locations are determined by the Director of Parking Services and are noted on the face of the permit.

Temporary Permits are sold by Parking Services, available at $5.00 per day or $45.00 per month. This permit is not valid in metered spaces or other further restricted areas. Students are not eligible for Temporary Permits.  

Temporary Service Permits or Self-Serve Daily Service Permits may be issued for short periods of time for vehicles operated by persons providing services to the University of Northern Colorado upon approval by Parking Services.

Visitor Daily Parking Permits are for sale by Parking Services for $6.00 per permit for one calendar day. Departments may also purchase Visitor permits through an EIO for users who are not paid by the University and who are not paying registration fees for a class, seminar, workshop, etc. This permit is valid in regular and metered spaces in all lots on campus.  


Paragraph 1 -

Special permits and loading permits shall be placed on the dashboard, driver's side, and shall be visible from the outside, front of the vehicle.

Paragraph 2 -

It will be the responsibility of the purchaser of hang tag permits to hang them from the rear view mirror with the permit facing outward towards the front of the vehicle. An unsecured hang tag permit will not be valid when placed on a motorcycle. [Inquire at UNC Parking Services about locking devices for hang tags.] Citations issued with indication by the issuing officer that no permit was present will be prima facie evidence that no permit was present and the ticket will be considered valid. An Improper Permit Display citation will be written for any vehicle containing a hangtag permit not displayed on the rear view mirror. 

Paragraph 3 -

Repositionable window cling parking permits on vehicles shall be affixed by their own adhesive to the inside of the windshield, lower left corner, driver side, unless otherwise authorized by Parking Services. If placed in an area other than in the lower left corner of the driver’s side of the windshield, the University of Northern Colorado is not responsible for any liability incurred because of obstruction of vision. See Colorado Model Traffic Code 42-4-227. Additionally, a vehicle with a window sticker permit that is not displayed according to these instructions is citable for improper display of permit. Should the permit owner need to drive a vehicle other than the one registered, the owner has the ability to remove the annual permit from the original vehicle and switch it to the current vehicle being driven. If the permit owner finds their repositionable permit to be defective, the permit holder may be eligible for a free replacement upon proof of the defective permit. 

Paragraph 4 -

Motorcycles and mopeds require a Student or Commuter permit or an Annual Faculty Staff permit. These permits should be affixed to the motorcycle/moped with a locking device, which can be purchased in the Parking Services office.

Paragraph 5 -

People with disabilities may park in the UNC disability spaces in addition to any regular space on campus in any lot with valid state placard or plate and a UNC permit, with the exception of Commuter Permits. 

Paragraph 6 -

Failure to display the permit properly will result in the vehicle being issued a parking citation. Any citation issued which indicates that the permit was not visible is valid and must be paid, or a hearing applied for within the prescribed time.