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Be a Teacher 

UNC offers the broadest array of teacher education programs leading to licensure Colorado.

We provide future teachers and educators a foundation to work with diverse student populations across multiple subject areas in a multitude of settings. A teaching license is the official recognition by a state governmental agency that an individual has met state-mandated requirements and is approved to practice as a licensed educator in the state. At UNC, students are prepared to obtain a teaching license at the undergraduate or graduate level. UNC also offers additional teaching endorsements for those who hold teacher licensure in Colorado and other states and countries. 

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UNC is one of 240 U.S. colleges and universities receiving Community Engagement Classification from The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.


Nearly one-third of the winners of the Colorado Department of Education's Teacher of the Year award are UNC graduates.


UNC leads the state in teacher employment and has more students enrolled in Science Licensure programs than any other Colorado institution (CCHE, 2013).


Recipient of the Christa McAuliffe Excellence in Teacher Education Award

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To become a licensed teacher in the State of Colorado, a student must graduate with a degree in a subject area, such as early childhood, elementary, secondary math or science or K12 special education to name a few, and complete a professional teacher education program.

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UNC Offers Teacher Education Preparation Through the Following Areas:

Early Childhood Education

The undergraduate program prepares students to work with young children, birth to grade three, in public and private settings.

Elementary Education

The undergraduate and graduate programs prepare students to work with learners in Kindergarten to grade six in public and private settings

Secondary Education

The undergraduate program prepares students to work with learners in grades 7-12 in a variety of teaching content fields such as, Math, history, English and science.

K-12 Education

The undergraduate and graduate programs prepare students to work with learners in Kindergarten through grade 12 in a variety of teaching content such as, Art, Music, Physical Education and World Languages.

Special Education

The undergraduate and graduate programs prepare students to work with individuals with special needs, from birth to age 21, in a variety of educational settings.

Post Baccalaureate Licensure

The program prepares individuals with existing degrees in a licensable field to teach in a k-12 or secondary content setting.

Endorsement Options

For individuals who currently hold a teaching license, UNC offers the following endorsements:

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