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Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Endorsement

Teacher speaking to young students in a classroom

Looking to work with students whose first language isn't English?

The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) endorsement is an additional certification you can add to your undergraduate education major that qualifies you to do just that.

This endorsement for undergrads requires 24 credits of work focusing on teaching diverse learners. When you apply for your teaching license, you will also be recognized as a state-certified CLD teacher. Fluency in another language is not required, but there is a requirement to take one foreign language class at the college level. 

Elementary Education majors can choose the CLD track and have this endorsement built into their graduation plan. All other majors need to add it separately.

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CL/BL (CLD/Bilingual) Endorsement

This path qualifies majors to teach in English, Spanish, or both.  This endorsement is for those who plan to teach in a dual-language school. You should be proficient in Spanish in order to complete this endorsement, as many of the classes are taught in Spanish.

The Cumbres Program         

Cumbres is a co-curricular and scholarship program designed specifically to support and encourage students to become CLD teachers. For more information, visit the Cumbres home page.