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Meet Our Staff

Building a strong, trusting therapeutic relationship is essential for our clients/patients to feel safe sharing their inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.  In fact, research shows that the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client/patient is the most significant factor in achieving positive change.  Whether you are interested in counseling services or continuing your training with us, our bios can offer you a sense of who we are and the experiences we have to offer.

Professional Staff

Athletics Mental Health Coordinator
Staff Psychologist & Housing and Residential Education Liaison
Director of Clinical Services & Licensed Psychologist
Director of Training & Licensed Psychologist
Office Manager
Staff Psychologist, Group Coordinator, & Center for Human Enrichment Liaison
Staff Counselor
Cultural Center Liaison

Staff in Training

Doctoral Intern
Advanced Practicum Trainee
Practicum II Masters Student
Doctoral Intern
Master's Intern