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What to Expect 

Welcome to the UNC Counseling Center. We are here to serve students, faculty, staff, and the campus community. Whether you have been in counseling before or are just starting to explore resources for your mental health and wellness, we warmly welcome you here.

When you first come to the Counseling Center, you will complete some online paperwork as well as a brief consultation with a counselor. The counselor will gather information about your concerns and will work with you to develop a plan (i.e. Individualized Wellness Plan) to support you towards achieving your goals. Our goal is to connect you with all the resources and recommendations that are truly the best fit for your specific concerns. For this reason, your individualized wellness plan may include utilizing other on or off campus resources. The Counseling Center provides a variety of treatment options, including skill building workshops, group therapy, individual counseling, couples counseling, crisis services, and brief solution focused counseling. Using our stepped care model, your counselor will assess what treatment options are the best fit for your specific concerns.

Once you have your personalized wellness plan, you will then use it as your guide for action. Counseling and mental health treatment requires you to actively participate and engage in the process if you are to see results. This often means engaging in reflection and personal work between sessions as well as utilizing recommendations and resources provided to you. We are committed to your growth and well being and will work with you every step of the way to monitor and support your progress and adjust your plan if needed.