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Enrique Smith, B.A.

Staff Psychologist Candidate, Cultural Center Liaison


Hey everyone, my name is Enrique Smith and I am happy to be working here at UNC!  I am currently finishing up my PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Iowa. There, I have trained in counseling centers, utilizing the brief therapy model, as well as trained in community mental health services. 

Current Roles

I held a role as a Doctoral Intern last year at UNC and was given the opportunity to continue my work here in the role as the Cultural Center Liaison. I conduct intakes, and utilize both individual and group therapy modalities. I have an opportunity to spend time at the four race based Cultural Centers and connect with our students and offer support for them in those settings in addition to providing services at the Counseling Center.  

Therapeutic & Supervision Approaches

My theoretical Orientation most aligns with Person-Centered Therapy model, Which focuses on the client’s unique experiences and perceptions of the world. I believe that client distress occurs as a result of some sort of incongruence that is going on in their lives. Incongruence can be presented in the forms of emotional and/or psychological distress that can occur in any aspect of the client’s life and perceptions of their experiences. I believe that change occurs as a result of exploration within the therapeutic alliance, and that clients are in charge of their capacity to change. Finally, I believe that we as therapists work as a catalyst to help them understand and process their feelings and thoughts in order to achieve growth.

Clinical Interests

About Me

If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am cool and laid-back individual who enjoys watching basketball and playing video games in my free time. I enjoy going on runs and am excited to continue to explore Colorado.