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Flex Work Resources

Both employees and supervisors can find resources and guidance related to UNC's flexible work policies. 


Flex Work Agreements must be approved and signed by the employee, the direct supervisor, and the department's VP. Completed Flex Work Agreements should be submitted to HR at human.resources@unco.edu



Employees can find a number of resources related to flexible work from across campus:

  • Best Practices

    Be familiar with the policies and procedures governing flexible work.

    • Remember that flexible work arrangements are at the discretion of department supervisors/managers. They are not a guarantee of employment with UNC. If another employee, with similar job duties, is engaged in a flexible work agreement, this does not guarantee a flexible work agreement for other employees in the department. Flexible work arrangements will be implemented at the supervisor's discretion. Flexible work authorizations cannot be appealed. 
    • Supervisors and/or VPs can override any or all flexible work arrangements at any time. 
    • Employees are asked to manage their time appropriately, so that UNC employees can continue to use flexible work arrangements in the future.
    • Follow appropriate procedures when initiating, implementing, and undertaking a flexible work arrangement. This includes meeting with your supervisor to discuss your options, submitting required paperwork, obtaining necessary approvals, and acquiring and setting up the appropriate technology to successfully and securely conduct work.
    • Flexible work requests should be made in a timely manner to allow any adjustments to the team's schedule.  Once a flexible work agreement is established, the schedule will remain in place until terminated by the employee, supervisor, and/or VP. If the agreement is terminated, the employee will revert to UNC approved schedule. If the flexible work agreement needs to be altered, a new form will need to be completed and reviewed by the employee, supervisor, and VP.
    • Flexible work agreements should be re-evaluated annually as a part of the employee's performance evaluation conversation.  
    • All employees participating in a flexible work arrangement should:
      • Take the initiative to be present at key meetings.
      • Be flexible; supervisors/colleagues won’t always be able to work around your schedule. You may have to come in on some days that you ordinarily work elsewhere or you may have to alter your hours to accommodate work needs.
  • Technology

    Employees should make themselves familiar with IM&T's website... help.unco.edu

    This website offers information on user accounts, security, and VPN access as well as ongoing updates and information related to best practices. 

  • HR

    Employees should also be aware of UNC's general policies related to employees. 

    HR Forms & Policies


supervisor information

The Basic Steps to Becoming a Supervisor of a Flex Worker:

  • Prepare

    Become Familiar with Flexible Work Options & Resources

    • Review the Flexible Work Options that are available for workers
    • Review the Policies and Responsibilities related to flexible work
    • Review the employee's previous evaluation forms to ensure the employee meets minimum evaluation requirements for flexible work (satisfactory ratings). 
    • Consider the impact of employee's flexible work on the rest of the team. Does the team need to meet to discuss schedules in order to ensure all front-facing offices have full coverage? 
    • Review resources available to you and your employees to determine if flexible work is appropriate for your employees and/or your team. Then, when you meet with your direct report, you can discuss and confirm the tools/resources that are appropriate for the tasks that your employee will do at home. You may also consult with IM&T to determine if home-based equipment is available to the employee (at-home equipment is NOT guaranteed). 
    • Consult with HR & Payroll for answers to question you may have about this process.
  • Meet w/Employee
    • Meet with your prospective flexible worker to discuss the appropriate flexible work tasks, days, and work times, etc. that are appropriate for the flexible worker.
    • Discuss the Technology Resources and needs that are appropriate for the flexible worker. Be prepared to discuss what options you feel are appropriate for their tasks and what your department is willing and not willing to pay for.
    • Confirm with the employee that he/she has a suitable alternative work environment (for tele/remote work). Confirm with the employee that he/she understands that the flexible work will be in place unless otherwise terminated by the employee, supervisor, or VP. If the agreement is terminated, the employee will revert to the UNC approved schedule.  A new form will need to be completed to make alterations to the flexible work agreement. 
    • For future consideration, you may want to create departmental procedures related to flexible work that include guidelines on what jobs and tasks are eligible, what resources are appropriate for those jobs and tasks, and what funding, if any, is available to support flexible work options.  Include any funding support as an addendum to the flexible work agreement.
  • Make It Happen
    • If the employee hasn't already, confirm that he/she completes the Flexible Work Agreement form. 
    • Have the agreement reviewed/approved based upon your unit’s procedures.