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Flex Work Options

flex work options

At UNC, there are four types of flexible work options encompassing:

  • A change of schedule — compressed work and flextime
  • A change of location — telework and remote work
  • Both a change in schedule and a change in location as it is possible to combine options.

Below, please find a description of each option and a link to more information for each of them.

  • Compressed Work Schedule

    An acceptable schedule agreed to by the supervisor and the employee that enables completion of the traditional forty (40) hours per week in fewer than five (5) full work days.

  • Flextime

    An arrangement where an employee works any approved schedule that doesn’t adhere to his/her/their traditional schedule (e.g. Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.). It may include varying the time of day, the days of the week, or both.

  • Telework

    Employee is expected to spend the majority of his/her/their forty (40) hour work week at a university site (on campus); however, employee may also split a portion of his/her/their week at an approved alternate site to complete the remaining forty (40) hours his/her/their work week. 

  • Remote Work

    An arrangement where an employee spends most, or all, of his/her/their working hours outside the traditional place of work. Visits to the campus are infrequent, the location is sufficiently far away that daily commuting is not possible, or the position is designed specifically for off-site work. 
    **Remote work may be approved in rare/exceptional circumstances.