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What We Do...

  • Process regular payroll for faculty, exempt staff, classified staff, non-student employees, students, TA's and GA's
  • Pay personal service agreements
  • Update and maintain tax withholding information (W-4's)
  • Update and maintain direct deposit information
  • Withhold and process appropriate payroll deductions
  • Process and issue non-scheduled checks
  • Issue W-2's
  • Process Employment verification information

News To Note

W4, FAQ's and Withholding Estimator IRS released a new W4 with no allowance options.  All new hires and any current employee wanting to change their W4 after 1/1/20 will have to complete a new W4.    Above link has great FAQ's and New Withholding Estimator

DR0995 Notice Fed and State Refundable Tax

W4 Withholding Estimator

W-2 Forms: Retrieval, Address Changes & How to View and Print

Minimum Wage:  Jan 1, 2024 students are $15.00 (UNC max hourly rate for students is $20).


Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit for all employee types is a condition of employment and may be set up in the Payroll Office, Carter Hall, Room 2005.

Download Direct Deposit Form Direct Deposit Agreement

PERA Changes

Senate Bill 18-200 Impact of Changes PERA Senate Bill 18-200 Impact of Changes

Senate Bill 18-200 Impact of Changes Phased in 2% information


Payroll Services supports UNC's goals and missions by providing accurate and timely compensation for work performed and insuring we are at all times in compliance with all UNC, State, and Federal rules and regulations.