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Writing Internship Program

  • What Is a Writing Internship?

    Through the English program’s Writing Internship Program, students work for a semester with major companies and agencies, for which they receive academic credit. Internships are sponsored by the English program in conjunction with the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Students minoring in writing are encouraged to apply.

  • What Are the Advantages of Internships?

    Practical work experience is a magnet for future employers, so students who pursue internships during their undergraduate years are better prepared to enter the job market after graduation. They have a wonderful opportunity to develop a clear idea of the kind of work they like or don’t like. They gain skills in writing, speaking, working as members of a team, and possibly specialized skills in technical fields. More important, student interns become familiar with the real world of work, and learn about government agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses, and they make contact and network with potential employers and professionals in their fields. Some recruiters believe that undertaking an internship during college is the smartest step a student can take toward a first job.

  • What Are Internships Like?

    Internships generally last up to a semester with an average of 10-12 hours of work per week. These are unpaid internships. Student interns are hired as employees and they are expected to comply with company policies and regulations. They should be prepared to accept direction and perform assigned duties willingly and professionally. Taking the initiative and looking for additional responsibilities will enrich an internship immensely.

  • How Does the Internship Program Work?

    After the internship application is approved by the internship program director, the student contacts the company to make arrangements for an interview. After students receive an offer of placement, they work with the English program and the company to develop a proposal of learning objectives. Later, the company sets up formal terms of the internship to be approved by the internship program director.

  • Who is Eligible to Participate?

    Students majoring in English or minoring in writing. Applicants must:

    • have minimum grade-point averages of at least 2.6 in their majors,
    • have completed a minimum of 12 hours of English classes (excluding English 122 and English 123) at UNC, and
    • have an academic status of either junior or senior.
  • How to Apply

    Pick up an application form at Ross Hall 1284 or contact one of the Internship Program Directors:

    When Should Students Apply?

    Summer internships are preferred because they don’t interfere with regular classes. Following the internship, a student should have at least one remaining semester of class work to complete before graduation.

  • Grading/Course Credit

    Students prepare a list of learning objectives to be approved by the internship supervisor before the internship begins. During the internship, the student turns in weekly logs, a mid-point evaluation and a final report to the internship program director. At the end of the internship, the supervisor submits an evaluation which is weighed when determining the students final letter grade. Students hired as interns enroll for the internship as an elective. The internship program directors determine how many credits will be awarded, based on the type and level of the internship. The English program may offer assistance for out-of-town internships.

Internship Opportunities

Internships with the English Department

The CEA Critic Undergraduate Internships

The goal of the Internships with the CEA Critic journal is to expose students to the workings of an academic journal in the discipline of English. Depending on the number of credit hours involved, these positions may include the following responsibilities:

  • Help manage social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Post Call for Papers
  • Generate ideas for postings
  • Assist with general administrative duties and paperwork, such as preparing and distributing advertising material for the journal
  • Assist in basic editorial work such as proofreading essays

Please contact Dr. Kenneth Chan if interested.

Additional Internship Resources

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