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Composition & Literary Studies Graduate Certificate



This six-course certificate program is designed for teachers with a master's degree who require 18 hours of graduate English courses in order to meet the Higher Learning Commission's credential requirement for teaching dual enrollment/undergraduate English courses. Teachers without a master's degree can take the certificate courses as part of the English Education M.A..

The courses that compose the Certificate in Composition and Literary Studies focus on both composition and literature. In addition to graduate-level courses in American, British, and World literatures, sample courses include:

ENG 523 Advanced Studies in the Teaching of Writing
Advanced study of teaching and learning, integrating theory and practice for teachers of writing.

ENG 536 Teaching Immigrant Literature
Course will expand on undergraduate literary and critical training to examine four theoretically informed approaches to teaching US Immigrant literature.

ENG 540 Introduction to Composition and Rhetoric
This course offers an introduction to the discipline of rhetoric and composition, emphasizing disciplinary identity and evolution, as well as theoretical perspectives on discourse, rhetoric, and writing pedagogy.

ENG 547 Visual Rhetoric and Multimodal Literacies
This course familiarizes students with a range of 21st century digital composing tools and methods of assessing multimodal projects.

ENG 652 Advanced Studies in Digital Humanities
This course introduces students to both theory and technological tools prevalent in the digital humanities. While the specific theoretical foundations, technologies, and projects will vary based on instructor expertise, students can expect to work with video production, textual annotation/qualitative data analysis, web design and coding, and/or e-editing tools and/or technologies

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Applicants must apply to the University of Northern Colorado Graduate School before the program area reviews the applicant’s request for admission. Students without a master's degree must also apply for admission to the M.A.T. in English Education. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

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