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Parent Account Set Up for Verification

Your student has received notification that their FAFSA needs to be verified, and your student needs you to sign documents. Your student should have requested an account setup link emailed to you after they have submitted all their required documents. The FAFSA verification process is a standard federal government process.

More about the FAFSA verification process here.


  1. Your student will need to request your electronic signature after they have completed their verification steps. Once your student has completed their steps, you should receive an email requesting you to create an account to complete the FAFSA verification process.
  2. Click the link provided in your email to create an account. You will be directed to a screen that will ask you to complete three sections (Figure 1): Create Parent Account, Confirm Parent Information, and Confirm Student Information.
  3. When you have completed each section, you will click on "Create Account."
  4. You then will be able to electronically sign the verification documents your student has submitted through their account. You will use your password you created for the account to sign the documents.

Figure 1.

Parent account screen