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Colorado Substitute Stipend

The Colorado Department of Education, in partnership with the Colorado Center for Rural Education at the University of Northern Colorado, are pleased to announce the availability of a one-time $300 stipend for new, first-time substitutes. Please review the Eligibility Requirements to see if you qualify.

Apply Now! We are accepting applications for new-first time substitues!  Eligible applicants should submit all documents to be considered for the stipend as the stipend is first come, first serve.  

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the $300 stipend, individuals must meet all 3 requirements:

  1. Meet one of the three listed licensing requirements below:
      • Be a first‐time substitute with a valid Colorado Substitute Authorization on or after 1/1/2020
      • Be a retired teacher with a current license or Substitute Authorization, no contract and are a new substitute on or after 3/1/2020
      • Be a first-time substitute with a valid Colorado Teacher License and are a new substitute on or after 3/1/2020 (I have never held a Colorado Substitute Authorization)

2. Register and attend a CDE Substitute Bootcamp

 3. Work a minimum of one day after 3/1/2020 in a Colorado school district, BOCES, charter or approved facility school (private schools are not eligible)

To Apply for the $300 Colorado Substitute Stipend Payment:

Submit the following documents after eligibility requirements have been met to the Colorado Substitute Stipend Coordinator at substitutestipend@unco.edu.

All 5-7 documents are required and must be completed before applications will be reviewed. If you filled out forms digitally, please PRINT TO PDF to save documents before sending them.  

  1. Colorado Substitute Stipend Certification Form (Updated Form Required)
  2.  Copy of valid Colorado Substitute Authorization or Teacher License
  3.  CDE's Moodle Bootcamp Certificate of Completion
  4.  W-9  (Page 1)
  5. UNC Independent Contractor Form
      •  Attach a copy of a voided check or bank letter if you select Direct Deposit
      • Retired teachers: send us a copy of PERA's Disclosure of Compensation (See FAQ for instructions)

HAVE YOU ATTENDED UNC IN THE PAST YEAR?  If you attended UNC within a year of your application, only include Documents 1-3: Colorado Substitute Stipend Certification Form, Copy of valid Colorado Substitute Authorization or Teacher License, and Bootcamp Certificate of Completion. Include in the email if you have received wages from UNC. 

Have questions about how to fill out the required documents? See the FAQ below!

Questions? Contact Us


Thinking about applying? Don't forget to check out some of our most frequently asked questions first.