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Practitioner and Student Teacher Resources

We are often asked what Colorado school districts qualify as rural or small rural. The Colorado Department of Education and Western State Colorado University have developed a list and a map to help locate Colorado rural and small rural districts.

How to locate a Teacher Education program in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Education website is a great resource when trying to find a program that will be right for you.

National Board Teacher Certification

Are you seeking National Board Certification but don't know how to start? Check out their website and guide book.

Concurrent Enrollment Educator Qualification

Would you like to become qualified to teach concurrent enrollment? Online programs are a great option for busy teachers. This list of online programs was put together by the Colorado Department of Higher Education and the Colorado Community College System.

Teacher of Record and Grown Your Own Programs

When a district, BOCES or charter is in need of a licensed teacher in a designated shortage area, and no qualified applicants have applied for the position, a teacher candidate with a Teacher of Record License, and with support from their associated educator preparation program, may be hired to fill the position. 

Alternative Licensure Programs

To pursue an alternative teaching program and work as an educator in Colorado, you  need to possess a bachelor’s degree. Because you already possess knowledge of their academic area, alternative licensure programs  focus on building your skills around classroom management, lesson planning, and educating diverse student populations.