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Medical Center Hours

Closed Spring Break March 11th - 15th

Open Monday - Friday  9:00 - 4:00 pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday


Off Campus Urgent Care - (walk in service)

If the Student Health Center is closed, there are several Urgent Care facilities located in Greeley where students can seek care.

For care when the health center is closed, students should check to see which local providers are in-network with their insurance carriers. You will receive the best benefits from your insurance carrier if the medical provider is in-network as opposed to out-of-network. You should check online or call your insurance carrier to see who is in-network before seeking care, unless it is an emergency, at which point you should go to the nearest emergency room. Listed below are a few local providers where students can seek care when the health center is closed. An online search may provide additional options. 

Family Walk-In Clinic

2928 W 10th St.
Greeley, CO
Phone: 970-584-2100
Open Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am 12:00 pm

UC Health Urgent Care Center

1900 16th St.
Greeley, CO.  
Phone: 970-336-1500

Summit View Urgent Care

2001 70th Avenue
Greeley, CO.
 Phone: 970-810-4155

NextCare Urgent Care

1011 39th Ave. Suite A
Greeley, CO
Phone: 970-351-8181

Banner Urgent Care

2015 35th Ave.
Greeley, Co
Phone: 970-810-4155
If you are in the Denver/Metro area:

South Pointe Urgent Care Clinic

380 Empire Road, Lafayette, CO.
Phone: 303-669-8444

Emergency Care

For emergency care in Greeley dial 911 or call UNC Police at 970-351-2245

Local Hospital Emergency Rooms